Big Data

Large or complex data sets that traditional data processing applications are inadequate to deal with.

Business Intelligence

Broad category of computer software solutions that enables a company or organization to gain insight into its critical operations.

Data Warehouse

Central repository for all or significant parts of the data that an enterprise’s various business systems collect.

About Us

To be a Syntian means to be an engineer with eyes wide open. To learn from customers and to give that knowledge back, to share it – because it’s here to be shared. To speak our minds, to pay attention to details, to dig deeper. This is what we expect from ourselves and this is what you can expect from us.

  • The way of Syntio

    The way of the Syntio is clear and straightforward. It is client that have the data and deep understanding of it, and it is us who have engineering mindset. Therefore we make a team.

  • We have experience

    We have practical expertise in distributed systems infrastructure, big data processing, data integration, business analytics and data science.

  • Things can be different

    Syntio is founded to give us opportunity to make things different.

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